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for a stress-relief session

Want to better manage or release stress, pressure and fatigue?

To feel calmer, more focused?

Join us once a month for an online group sophrology session!

Sophrology is an amazing mind-body technique that is both super simple and fantastically efficient. It allows us to have a clear mind in a relaxed body. It is a mixture of simple dynamic movements, breathing techniques and mindful exercises. It is similar to mindfulness or meditation in a super-easy way. It adapts to what you can do at your own pace. The exercises are short and easy to then integrate into your everyday life for long-lasting effects.

If you prefer sessions in French, please head over this way!

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December 14th 2023 - 5pm


Fridays at 3pm

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Live group sophrology sessions on Zoom

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Per session: 24€

6-month package : 180 €

12-month package : 280 €

Florence Parot will be guiding the sessions





Founder of La Bulle de Repos and The Sophrology Academy

More about Florence

What Florence's clients have said over the years:

"A great listener, empathy and kindness, Florence gave me everything I needed at that time. ”

“ Your teaching are guidings are always clear and of the highest quality. The way you communicate with others simple and authentic.”

“ You are unique, so professional and different from the others.”

“ Florence's style is both calm and full of energy, joyful, clear and down to earth.

Her listening skills, her kindness and her expertise are such that I have always felt I could trust her implicitly.”

“ Your authenticity, gentleness and inner strenght made a real difference for me. Thank you.”

“Working with Florence has helped me gain perspective, consider events from a different, more positive, angle, accept that time is necessary for change. As for the sophrology techniques themselves, learning to breathe has helped me feel calmer or more energetic; visualising, also esential for my energy levels, has helped me project myself in the future with a more positive approach.”

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