Who is Florence Parot?

Sophrologist-Consultant in burnout and hyperstress management

Sophrology teacher

Founder of La Bulle de Repos and The Sophrology Academy


Florence Parot

I went in burnout aged 23 when I was still a student and it changed my life.  I had to rebuild myself from the ground up.  It was scary and it was difficult.  It took me time to understand where and how to get help and how to be able to still have the buzzy life I wanted while also respecting my own limits.  Thanks to sophrology, I was able to manage my anxiety, pain, fagique… to live with more serenity.

I then worked for many years in high-performance environments within Strategy Consulting and International Logistics, side by side with truly inspirational leaders; men and women who showed me how to be a top manager while remaining sane, healthy and superbly efficient.  Then came a time when I realised I wanted something else from life, I needed to truly discover myself and live a life that would be more meaningful for me.  Here I was, back inside for some deep soul searching.

Both times, after the burnout and when building a new life, I was lucky enough to be able to rely on Sophrology, an amazing mind-body technique that is both super simple and fantastically efficient. Both times, it delivered and I realised that time that it was the moment for me to lead the way for others with this technique.

It has nearly been 15 years now that I help people with hyper-stress, burnout, anxiety and sleep issues.  I have also been training future Sophrologists for more than 10 years.

Originally from Creuse, in central France, I chose this area as an ideal base for La Bulle, in deep, quiet countryside, an ideal spot for peace and rest, far from the noise of the city, in unspoilt nature, with calm, pure air and silence.  Creuse if my family birthplace and for me it has always been my personal place of retreat, of sanctuary. It helps me recentre and regroup.  It is some of that peace of mind that I want to bring in your lives, wherever you are.

In 2010, I opened the first Sophrology training centre in the UK, The Sophrology Academy, based in Kent, I was President of the FEPS (French Federation of Sophrology Professional Schools) for 3 years and co-President of ISF (International Sophrology Federation).

Today, I run La Bulle de Repos in Creuse, thant offers multy-therapy programmes to help with burnout prevention and management and now has its very own sophrology school.

I have written several books on Sophrology.