Burnout Management and Prevention

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When pressure builds up, stress is getting harder to keep under control and fatigue kicks in, it is time to take a break.

The Sophrology Method: Simple mind-body techniques for a calmer, happier, healthier you.

Sophrology is a transformative healthcare philosophy that is designed to help people achieve a calm, alert mind in a relaxed body. Inspired by Eastern philosophies and classical relaxation techniques, Sophrology will help you to become consciously, actively aware of...

A Stress-free day…

Imagine if you could easily and painlessly transform a full day of work into a peaceful experience, without having to wait for a day off… How would you like that?  What would it feel like? So, in the real world, how does that work? Starting the day: The alarm clock...

Burnout, what do you mean burnout?

Often, when I mention that I am a burnout expert, people will ask: “Burnout, what do you mean exactly by burnout? Is that when I feel a bit tired at the end of the day?”

The Limits of Overworking – Understanding Peak Performance

My own experience as a super-achiever who went into burnout at age 23 led me to question what it means to be successful, what it takes to “get there” and how we can achieve our…

Sophrology bilingual animation

Sophrology bilingual animation. FEPS Conference 2013.

Put the phone down!

I was rather shocked at several recent events to see the extent to which most participants seemed attached (literally!) to their mobile phones. As the day was starting and speakers had started talking, phones could still be heard ringing, pinging and vibrating. In...

How to avoid frying your brain

So what signs should you be looking for to know if you are entering the “danger” zone of burnout? Well, it depends where you are along the road that can lead there. There are several stages: The “Super driven” zone Your days are very full, you have been working more...

Relax in the doing

As I was driving on the motorway the other day, overtaking a huge lorry with my little car, I suddenly realised I was very tense on the stirring wheel and my body was leaning forward as if trying to overtake the lorry with my body and not with my car! As I noticed, I...


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If you think you may be in burnout or very near it, do not hesitate to test yourself with our Burnout Barometer, a questionnaire we have put together to help you assess how close you are to it.

To go further and understand which strategies to put in place or simply to know more about burnout, we are happy to give you free access to our “Anti-Burnout Secrets” pack that includes an anti-burnout guide and our signature “Bubble” sophrology practice to help you bring more calm and peace into your life.

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