Understanding Burnout

La Bulle de Repos is specialised in burnout prevention and management.  Whatever stage of burnout you are in, whether you are just starting to feel the fatigue, already are in full-blown burnout or haven’t fully recovered from having burnout years ago, wherever you are in the world, we have a solution for you

If you are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, at your wits end… it is time to act!

Are you at risk?

Go to our burnout barometer to know where you stand

Anti Burnout guide

Our free guide to help you understand and start taking action

Preventing and recovering from Burnout

Our online programme My Energy Bubble can help you find balance again.

Burnout, what is happening to me?

Burnout is not depression; it is not mid-life crisis. Burnout is a long-term severe physical, mental and emotional fatigue caused by excessive and prolonged overload. You have been through too much for too long. One day, your body switches the “off” button. In most cases, you collapse in a heap or find you are physically unable get up in the morning. Recovery does not happen overnight nor does it happen by itself. You need rest as well as a strategy and professional help.

The Burnout Barometer

If you think you may be in burnout or very near it, do not hesitate to test yourself, to go further and understand which strategies to put in place or to understand better what burnout is.

This test has been careful designed as a self-assessment of your risk of burnout.

This free Guide is essential to

  • Understand what burnout is
  • What to do/not to do
  • Vital advice, practical tools to help you feel better
  • Solutions to know where to go from here.

In this Guide of about 30 pages, you will understand:

  • What burnout is/isn’t and how on earth you got there.
  • What to do or not to do in pre-post burnout ; signs to look for to see if you are at risk.
  • How to sleep better, manage your time, energy and levels of stress better.
  • Why it is important to be kind to yourself.
  • How to let go of the guilt of non-perfection.
  • What anti-fatigue diet to put in place.

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