Training for qualified Sophrologists

Burnout training for qualified sophrologists

For certified sophrologists who want to be specialised in burnout and hyperstress management.


  • Give sophrologists methods and tools to work with adults and young people in pre and post-burnout.
  • Understand the mechanics of burnout.
  • Give sophrologists the means to detect signs of pre-burnout in consultations.
  • Better equip sophrologists to answer a growing demand both in clinics and corporate environments.

Sophrology and Burnout


  • Defining burnout
  • How do you get there?
  • Working with sophrology in the pre-burnout phase
  • Working with sophrology once burnout has started
  • Conclusion: redefining a way of life?

Dates and places 2021

in English

March 30-31 2022 at The Sophrology Academy in Wye, Kent

Information and register, please contact The Sophrology Academy.