The pressure for a successful confinement

A lot of people are commenting on social media about how they are feeling during the virus crisis we are going through at the moment. I was interested to read the other day a post by someone who felt overwhelmed by everything she had to do at home at the moment…

Work, teach the children, remain calm and healthy, work on her relationship and felt the added pressure of everyone on internet saying you HAVE to learn something or improve yourself in some way while on lockdown, in a word, you have to make your confinement a success! What surprised me was the comments people were making on her post: “I sort of see her point… but…” Most people were saying they still thought one had to be positive, and find a way to make this crisis an opportunity, a learning experience… a success…

Now let me say this: whatever you are feeling is right! If you are feeling overwhelmed by it all, you are entitled to feel that, indeed if there was a time to feel overwhelmed by change, wouldn’t that be it? But if you are feeling that this is a fantastic opportunity for you, this is right to, because it is YOUR experience and yes, it may differ from that of another person.

Judging or criticizing what the other is feeling and assuming your own sensations are the right ones misses the point entirely. If someone is sharing with you how scared, overwhelmed, tired or anything else they feel, the last thing they need is for you to start talking about yourself. They do not necessarily need your advice or opinion. The first most important thing is they need to be heard! What they need is acknowledgement, respect and yes, support. It is not about being right or wrong.

Maybe sometimes we need chaos and feeling a mess to let emerge your own truth or the next big revelation for our life or for the whole world. Give yourself that time and space.

And if you are feeling positive and constructive, well, fantastic! But first make sure this is genuine and not a denial of something else. And if it is the real thing and you see your opportunity in this mess, go for it and please start building a fantastic world out there. But have respect and understanding for those who are not (or not yet) on the same page. Because the process is different for everyone.

In Sophrology, when we tell you to breathe like this or visualise that, we are not telling you that you should feel fine or that you have to get better. What we are saying is: let’s try this to see if it helps you feel better… or not. It is about taking a few steps together to lighten the load. And whatever comes out of it is ok because it is what you are experiencing and it should be acknowledged, heard and respected, not denied. So feel, experience, go through whatever you have to go through, be alive in a word and support each other in the process.

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