Slowing down to go farther

It is easy at the moment to let anxiety take a hold on us, especially if we watch too much news, follow too many social media… Today, more than ever, it is essential to turn inside, to take time to listen to our intuition, our inspiration, to find our inner silence in the chaos. For those working from home, it is essential not to recreate in the virtual world the mad rushing around we had before in the real world. Take time to stop, pause, alone or with the whole family, depending on your circumstances.

We cannot listen to our intuition while rushing through the day at full speed. Slowing down allows us to create space to better listen and listen in. We need time to simply be with ourselves, to reconnect to who we are to know what we really want deeply, what we feel, who we are and what direction we wish to give our lives.

An interesting way to start is by sitting down, taking a break, breathing deeply or, if you prefer something more active, go for a walk in nature if you can. A bit of grass and some trees can be enough.

Whatever solution you chose, use the time to rest, breathe, observe what is around you and enjoy… Then close your eyes, pause and ask yourself how you feel, even if for a minute or two.
Then, what about rethinking our everyday rhythm? What are the things we could do more slowly, more peacefully? Enjoy them completely… Sometimes, slowing down allows you to go farther. Sometimes, it is essential to stop to do better afterwards. It creates an inner space where you can find yourself, where new ideas can emerge.

We are not able for instance to see all the people we would like to see at the moment. What about enjoying even more the presence of those we can see? Let’s take the time to be truly present to them, to listen deeply, to share, to savour those precious moments. Let’s enjoy any moment of happiness to the full, as if we could fill ourselves with the goodness of the moment to carry us along our days like an inner flame.

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