Recovering from Burnout

Are you feeling overworked, overwhelmed, exhausted, at your wits end?
Do you have a very busy life, rush through everything and feel you are ready for a change?
Do you feel things are out of control?
Are your sleep, memory and emotions all over the place?
Are you in need of space to regroup and recentre?
Are you looking for simple ways to life a more serene, peaceful, balanced and meaningful life?

We offer in-person and distance programmes and solutions to help you overcome overwhelm, exhaustion, hyper-stress, adrenal fatigue and burnout. Everyday practical tools to alleviate anxiety, sleep better and feel more serene. Strategies to find balance in your life when everything is coming at you right, left and centre. To help you find your own pace.
Whether you are just starting to feel tired or already in full-blown burnout, wherever you are, we have a solution for you.

Long-term programmes

Our tailor-made programmes help you:

  • Focus on yourself and recharge,
  • Find the energy and strength to deal with everyday life,
  • Sleep better, get rid of tensions, stress and overwhelm,
  • Bring more harmony into your everyday life, simply and step by step,
  • Find a way to everyday life that works for you,
  • Create your own better way to be, your own bliss,
  • Build a simpler, lighter, more serene life.

How does it work?

No programme is the same, yours will be put together especially for you.
It could look like this for instance:

  • A consultation
  • + 1 sophrology session
  • + 1 naturopathy session
  • + 1 psychotherapy or coaching session

If you live in France, some private insurances (mutuelles) will pay for sophrology or psychotherapy sessions. 

You can join in different ways:

  • If you live near us or near one of our partner-sophrologists, you can have face to face one-to-one appointments over a longer period of time, depending on what you need, starting with our basic programme.
  • You can also choose online sessions with our team.

You start with a consultation and we then suggest a fully personalised programme over time depending on your needs and possibilities.

What our clients are saying...