La Bulle is also a network of expert partners

Since its inception, La Bulle has always worked in partnership with a network of experts.  In many parts of France and in some other countries around Europe, amazing professionals we are proud to be working with.

Our local partners in central France

La Bulle is originally based in Creuse, and we have built authentic complementary partnerships here.

Brigitte SouretSophrologist

Specialised in stress and burnout management as well as pain management.

Emmanuelle Laporte – Coach and Mindfulness  

Specialised in stress and burnout management, in professional career changes (self-confidence, new life habits and new professional environments.)

Gaelle TaddeiPsychologist and Mindfulness

Specialised in anxiety, stress and burnout management


Stéphanie LavilleNaturopath

Naturopath and quantum neuro-sensory therapist, she works on the different stages of life to enable people to regain their vitality, heal traumas and open the doors of minds and hearts.

Annette PlassatMassage Therapist

Sofie Sabbe-Bultiauw – Massage Therapist and meditation

Reflexology, head massage and meditation

Carin Van Buuren Sophrologist, coach and Minfulness
Valon en Sully

Specialised in stress management, physical, mental and emotional resilience and improving life quality.

Nathalie Herbain  – Massage and healing

Isabelle Blanloeil  – Reiki and healing

Jérémy Frey – Yoga and Thai massage

Aïda’s herbal teas

Amazing herbal teas to help with sleep and stress.

Our partners in France and beyond

Our partner-sophrologists are to be found all over France and in some European countries.  This amazing bunch of people have been specifically trained by Florence on all matters related to burnout, have all had a solid training in Sophrology and are regularly supervised by us.


Françoise Tattegrain – Amiens – Page Facebook


Marie Couralet-Gonnet – Celletes (Blois) –
Laurence Jayat – Limoges –
Florence Hilaire – Limoges –
Nathalie Chevallier – Brive –


Anne Petit – Pechebusque (Toulouse) –
Dominique Lienard – Toulouse – 06 82 59 73 34


Marie-Laure Feillant – Brest –
Delphine Dréan – Lanester –
Claire Artigau – Ploërmel –
Sandrine Maes – Nantes –


Magali Debard-Bellanger– Montpellier –

Ile de France – 75

Fabienne Weil – Paris 16-
Myriam Mathivat – Paris 16-

Ile de France – 92

Isabelle Castellanet – Sceaux –
Catherine Auguste – Boulogne-Billancourt –

Ile de France – 78

Emmanuelle Penneçot – Versailles –
Christelle Chatelain – Chateaufort
Pascale Jaillard – Bailly –

Ile de France – 91

Annie Cholin-Fouksmann – Epinay-sous-Sennart –


Annette Ebbinghaus – Coppet (Genève) – (English)