Burnout to Balance online Summit - 20-22 April 2022

A journey to wellbeing

You hear about burnout more and more but it is not always simple to really understand what it is.  However, to be able to avoid it, you need to understand it. Burnout is not depression (though it may lead you to it if left untreated), it is not mid-life crisis, it is not nervous breakdown.

Burnout is a long-term extreme physical, mental and emotional fatigue caused by excessive and prolonged overload.

The phrase « burnt out » says it all: you have burnt all your fuel and as you have not refuelled, the tank is empty, you cannot go on. 

All those who go through burnout have one thing in common: they have been doing too much for too long, usually under a large amount of stress.  Too much work, too much stress, too much pressure…  One day, your body switches the “off” button.  In most cases, you collapse in a heap on the floor or find you are physically unable to get up in the morning.

Then what?  After years of working at 200 % of managing everything, work, family, friends, house, you name it, suddenly everything stops and you find yourself unable to work, unable to perform even the simplest task, constantly exhausted with no relief from sleep or rest and it does not seem to have an end.  

Many people are on the verge of burnout but are unaware what’s around the corner if they don’t make changes. 

Does this sound familiar?

  • You are exhausted, overwhelmed, exceedingly stressed.
  • You find yourself unable to function properly.
  • You feel constant fatigue not refreshed by sleep.
  • You feel anxious, at your wits’ end as to what is happening and how to get out of it.
  • You find you are not able to think straight anymore, not always understanding what you are reading, unable to memorise anything.
  • You have constant pains and aches that seemed to have come out of nowhere.

Our Summit is the beginning of your journey to recovery.

If you resonate with any of this and would like to take your first steps out of burnout or to avoid it, we’d love you to join us on this 3-day journey.

Here is what you will get along the way:

  • A clearer understanding of what burnout really is and isn’t, what is happening to you, how long it is going to take and how you can get out of it. Expert knowledge to have a clearer view of burnout.
  • Simple techniques and strategies to start or continue to progress on your journey to wellbeing, practical tools to feel better everyday.
  • A time to pause and breathe with our sophrology, yoga, meditation and Pilates sessions, all specifically adapted to exhausted people: our sessions are short (20 min max), tailor-made and relaxed.

When: 20th-21st-22nd April 2022

Where: on Zoom – We will meet online so you can access it wherever you are.  Timings vary depending on the day and the days are not full.  This is on purpose: in order to recover from burnout, the most important learning is to take breaks to recharge, so we have organised a “light” schedule that you can follow at your own pace and choosing what you want to attend. All sessions last a maximum of 20 minutes.

  • A journey that is easy to follow over 3 days,
  • Relaxed, short and adapted sophrology, yoga, meditation and Pilates sessions
  • Experts’ interviews packed with practical tips and advice
  • Moments to pause and integrate.

Register today to join us on Zoom live on the days and get access to the replays for one month. It is free!

Timings and Events Schedule (London times)

Wednesday April 20th

9.30 am – So what is burnout? – Florence Parot – Get a clearer understanding of what is happening to you and what to expect from burnout. 
11 am – Yoga – Marina Chéné – A gentle class to reconnect peacefully with your body.
3 pm – Choosing Healthy limits– Carin Van Buuren – How to discover and respect your own limits to move forward. 
4 pm – Sophrology:  Managing your energy to avoid burnout – Annette Ebbinghaus – A gentle practice to improve your levels of energy.

Thursday April 21st

9 am – Pilates – Helen Saunders – A gentle class to feel able to move without pain again. 
10.30 am – Sophrology: Resting and recovering – Florence Parot – A meditative practice with practical tools to get more restorative rest. 
2.30 pm – Perimenopausal Burnout: The Hidden Saboteur of 40-something women – Sarah Davison – How menopause affect your stress levels and can lead you to burnout.

Friday April 22nd

9.30 amSophrology: burnout and Wonder Woman Mom Syndrome– Annette Ebbinghaus – A gentle practice for those juggling too many balls. 
10 am – Yoga – Marina Chêne – A gentle class to reconnect peacefully with your body. 
2.30 pm – Burnout and hypersensitivity – Sophie Schlogel – How hypersensitivity can impact your path to and recovery from burnout. 
4 pm – Recovering from burnout – Florence Parot – Burnout is not the end of the story, learn what are the further steps to take for a full, long-lasting recovery.

All sessions are a maximum of 20 minutes.

The Burnout to Balance Summit is offered in both English and French!  We have sessions in French at different times, some completely different, so if this is of interest to you, come and join us de l’autre côté as well! 

  Marina Chêne
After being a senior banker for years and surviving a heavy burnout, Marina teaches from the heart an authentic and mindful yoga with healing vibes to help you find ease in your life and a smile back on your face. 
Her legendary optimism transpires in her classes and will leave you totally serene and recharged. 
Marina is based in Amsterdam and gives classes in person and online.

 Helen Saunders 
Helen is an ex-dancer from The Royal Ballet. She qualified as a Body Control Pilates Instructor in 2008, after a long career in the theatre as a dancer, teacher, director, and choreographer. 
Helen currently runs The Field Retreat, a Pilates and Yoga centre in Malleret-Boussac, Creuse
Helen’s class is flowing and incorporates aspects from all of her experience as a Pilates and dance teacher. She adapts the class to suit any level of client from total beginners to advanced.  

 Carin Van Buuren
Carin is a Mindfulness integrated Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and a Sophrologist, specialising in Hyperstress and Burnout. Having been interested in holistic healthcare and the mind-body connection from a very early age on she educated herself in Reiki, NLP and meditation. With a solid medical background, she also ran a successful business coaching company for managers in international corporations throughout Europe, where she experienced hands-on that workplace issues and challenges are often linked to or rooted in problems on a personal level and vice versa. 
This prompted her to change course and use her know-how to reduce the stress and struggle of juggling our private and professional lives. In the combination of all her expertise she found a more than complete neuroscience-based practical toolbox. 
She has opened her private practice in central France to help overwhelmed and stressed-out working parents and their children. She also works with employees to successfully reintegrate in their workplace after burnout. www.sophrosolutions.com

 Sarah Davison 
By the time Sarah was in her mid-forties, she had spent 7 years in international sales and 14 years as a consultant, coach and trainer in organisational innovation, creativity and organisational change. The pressure of an intense job working for clients such as Coca Cola, HSBC and Unilever, together with Motherhood, caused her (she now realises with hindsight) to do perimenopausal burnout.
Completely unable to cope with her life or work, and on the edge of burnout, she went to a homeopath for help. She was so impressed with the results that she embarked on a 3-year Bachelor of Science in Homeopathic Medicine. 
Now, 13 years later, as a Natural Menopause Expert and Homeopath, she runs a thriving practice treating women 40+ struggling with peri/menopause, in London and online. She also uses her clinical and personal experience of menopause to provide organisation with talks, workshops, online programmes and support groups. 

 Annette Ebbinghaus 
Annette is a wellbeing coach practitioner and founder of the beChill® Exams & Life programs for adolescents. She draws from 25 plus years of experience working with clients on three continents focussed in the areas of stress and sleep management, burnout prevention, anxiety, self-development, and high-performance preparation.
As a Master Sophrologist with practitioner diplomas in several alternative therapies such as reflexology, holistic massage, aromatherapy, reiki (master level), neurolinguistic programming, hypnosis, cardiac coherence and positive intelligence, Annette delivers bespoke wellbeing packages for her clients. 
Annette believes that finding balance and being in flow with the energy of life is essential to conscious joy filled living.  She is based in Genevawww.trulybalance.com

 Sophie Schlogel 
Sophie has been a specialist in hypersensitivity for 15 years. (She is one of the pioneers in France). Naturopath, Gestalt therapist and more, her approach is resolutely holistic.  Her goal is to put the living back into the heart of the individual. She considers the sensitive person in his or her entirety: in his or her history and in the different places of expression of his or her hypersensitivity: the head – the heart – the body.  
 She accompanies highly sensitive people in individual and group sessions. Sophie is also a trainer and passes on to therapists the essence of her experience with hypersensitivity through the 3D Method she created: the fruit of her research and years of practice.  

Meet your facilitator

Florence Parot Florence Parot 

Founder of La Bulle de Repos, sophrologist-consultant in burnout and hyperstress management, author and sophrology teacher.

Florence went in burnout aged 23 when still a student and it changed her life.  She had to rebuild herself from the ground up.  It took her time to understand where and how to get help and how to be able to still have the buzzy life she wanted while also respecting her own limits.  Her doctor recommended sophrology and thanks to it she was able to manage her anxiety, pain, fatigue… to live with more serenity. 
She then worked for many years in high-performance environments within Strategy Consulting and International Logistics and it has been over 15 years now that she helps people with hyperstress, burnout, anxiety and sleep issues.  She has also been training future Sophrologists for more than 12 years.  First based in Paris, then London and Kent, she is now back to her family origins and practising from Creuse in central France. 
In 2010, she opened the first sophrology training centre in the UK, The Sophrology Academy, based in Kent, was President of the FEPS (French Federation of Sophrology Professional Schools) for 3 years and co-President of ISF (International Sophrology Federation). 
She has written several sophrology books.