La Bulle events

La Bulle organises events regularly, online or in person: retreats, conferences, programmes…  
You can find here our past and future events.

Sophrology on World Values Day

21 october 2021 16h to 17h FR – online on Zooom – in French

Free online sophrology practice with Florence in celebration of World Values Day on the 21st of October. Come and work on your values with sophrology. Offered in association with the International Sophrology Federation.

Inner Sanctuary retreat

13-17 June 2022 (from Monday evening to Friday morning), in French in Creuse.

These retreats are a time to realign, focus inside and reconnect to your inner self, body, mind and spirit, a time of introspection and calm. They can also be done after you have been through an anti-burnout programme with us.  We do sophrology, coaching, meditation, yoga and mindful walks to help you gain more clarity and work on your inner progression, wherever you are at. You have time to rest, reflect, take walks…

The idea is to achieve peace of mind and body, to bring a spirit of contemplation and serenity in everyday life, to understand how to be in harmony with yourself, to reconnect with your inner truth and understand how to live it day after day in simple, manageable step.

We have done and we will do…

Resilience Summit 2021

Le sommet de la résilience

Florence was a speaker at the Sommet de la Résilience 2021: listen to her interview as well as many other brilliant speakers here. (In French)

Anti-Burnout Retreats

Our retreats bring you back to basics: calm, pure air, silence, serenity.
Our anti-burnout retreats can be done as prevention or if you are recovering from burnout, together with a Bulle programme or before one or to complement any other programme you may be following to recover from burnout.

Our next retreat will be in 2022.

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