Anti-Burnout Programmes

Are you feeling overworkded, overwhelmed, exhausted, at your wits end?
Do you have a very busy life, rush through everything and feel you are ready for a change?
Do you feel things are out of control?
Are your sleep, memory and emotions all over the place?
Are you in need of space to regroup and recentre?
Are you looking for simple ways to life a more serene, peaceful, balanced and meaningful life?

We offer in-person and distance programmes and solutions to help you overcome overwhelm, exhaustion, hyper-stress, adrenal fatigue and burnout.  Everyday practical tools to alleviate anxiety, sleep better and feel more serene. Strategies to find balance in your life when everything is coming at you right, left and centre.  To help you find your own pace.

Whether you are just starting to feel tired or already in full-blown burnout, wherever you are, we have a solution for you.

One to one consultation

If you want personalised help and support, if you would like to understand what is happening to you, to have a strategy both short and long term to feel better and live with more serenity and more energy, make an appointment with Florence Parot, founder of the Bulle de Repos, sophrologist and consultant in hyper-stress and burnout management. Thanks to this consultation, you will know what actions and strategies to put in place and learn quick and efficient tools you can start using straight away to find more serenity in your life.
In Boussac (Creuse), via Zoom or phone.
Consultation: 120 € – Sophrology sessions: 80 €
If you live in France, some private insurances (mutuelles) will pay for sophrology sessions.

Tailor-made programmes

If you want to take the time to dig deeper to:

  • Focus on yourself and recharge,
  • Find the energy and strength to deal with everyday life,
  • Sleep better, get rid of tensions, stress and overwhelm,
  • Bring more harmony into your everyday life, simply and step by step,
  • Find a way to everyday life that works for you,
  • Create your own better way to be, your own bliss,
  • Build a simpler, lighter, more serene life.

Join one of our programmes.  They are tailor-made for you.  It could look like this for instance:

A consultation with Florence
+ 1 sophrology session
+ 1 naturopathy session
+ 1 psychotherapy or coaching session
If you live in France, some private insurances (mutuelles) will pay for sophrology or psychotherapy sessions. 

You can join in different ways:

  • If you live near us or near one of our partner-sophrologists, you can have face to face one-to-one appointments over a longer period of time, depending on what you need, starting with our basic programme.
  • You can also choose online sessions with our team.

Working with Florence has helped me take a step back, see things differently, more positively, accept that time is necessary to change.  The breathing techniques have helped me feel calm and refreshed; visualisation, also a great help with my energy levels, has helped me project myself medium and long term and this helps me see the future in a positive light.

Charlotte - Paris

I first met Florence in a professional capacity.  She had just arrived in Creuse.  I listened to her and realised as she was talking about people in burnout that what I was going through was very similar.   It took me several weeks to realise that and to dare call her.  There was the first consultation and then regular appointments.  It became my time-out, my « me » moment.  It took time, she also recommended a coach and step by step, I found myself again.  I took time for myself, I breathed, did the exercises.  After 2 years, I kept coming back from time to time but now I have my new habits well in place (even if I have to remember to breathe sometimes).  Thanks to Florence, I did not collapse.  Thank you for such a professional approach.

Vanessa - Creuse

When I realised I was not well and could not get out of it on my own, I contacted Florence.  From our first conversation, I knew I was in the right place: presence, empathy, kindness, everything I needed just then, Florence provided it.  She enabled me to better understand what was happening to me.  Thanks to the programme she put together for me at La Bulle, thanks to the team of therapists who proved to be just as kind and attentive, I was able to put in place techniques and actions that led to more serenity.  What is also essential, and I want to underline that, is that when the retreat is over, it is not finished; once home, Florence is still available to support our journey towards wellbeing.  Thank you so much Florence…

Cecile - Bordeaux

Contact us for more information at or +33 (0)7 80 98 08 69