Online Programmes

If you live far away from us and cannot join us on a retreat, we are bringing our expertise right into your home thanks to our online programmes and coaching.

Our online programmes are perfect if you want to progress at your own pace from home. Our anti-burnout essentials pack is a must-have to understand what burnout is. Our 7-week programme is for you if you want to work deeper on getting out of hyperstress.

The anti-burnout essentials pack – 29 €

This pack is a must-have basic if you want to understand what burnout is and isn’t and the do’s and don’ts as you get nearer burnout. Our experts give you essential advice to keep going, feel better and know what to put in place to keep working and living your live without putting yourself at risk.

In this pack, you will learn:

Expert files :

  • What burnout is/isn’t
  • Do’s and don’ts before/during burnout
  • How to better manage stress
  • How to sleep better
  • How to better manage your time
  • How to take better care of yourself
  • How to let go of the guilt of non-perfection or how not to be a super-hero
  • What/how to eat to prevent fatigue

+ a sophrology practice recording
This is ideal to rest and recuperate. This guided “Bubble” exercise is our founder Florence’s signature practice.
To use and re-use as much as you want to feel better everyday.

Anti-Burnout Programme – 148.80 €

Preventing burnout: 7 modules to get out of hyperstress

Are you feeling tired, overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated because you have too much on your plate? If it is all starting to feel like too much, if you find it hard to cope, it may be time to do something about it.
If you find that you are more impatient or emotional, that you are not sleeping as well as you once did, getting up earlier than usual with to-do lists appearing relentlessly in your mind, you could be approaching burnout.

Our programme will teach you what burnout is and isn’t and will help you create a more balanced and serene life. With very practical tools and exercises to get out of hyperstress and avoid going into burnout.
Each module of this 7-week programme has video tutorials, sophrology practices, practical tools and lists (like a sleep journal, a digital disconnection list and so much more!) and actions to take as well as a sophro-journal to keep track of it all.

Your programme:
Module 1 : What is burnout
Module 2: Take a break
Module 3: Unplug
Module 4: Listen in
Module 5: Be present
Module 6: Recharge
Module 7: Balance

Our online programmes are also available in French.

Burnout Barometer

Test your level of stress.

Our Anti-Burnout Secret: 3 free tools to get you started on the path to recovery.


If you think you may be in burnout or very near it, do not hesitate to test yourself with our Burnout Barometer, a questionnaire we have put together to help you assess how close you are to it.

To go further and understand which strategies to put in place or simply to know more about burnout, we are happy to give you free access to our “Anti-Burnout Secrets” pack that includes an anti-burnout guide and our signature “Bubble” sophrology practice to help you bring more calm and peace into your life.

Our Anti-Burnout Secrets

Discover our anti-burnout guide and Florence Parot’s “Bubble” sophrology practice.

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