My Serenity Bubble

Live everyday with more serenity and balance, in a simpler, lighter way.

I have been practising sophrology since I was 23.  It helped me recover from burnout and manage panic attacks, anxiety, pain, fatigue, stress…  I then went on to a sophrology practitioner at several key moments of my life when it was essential for me to be guiding by a professional rather than practice on my own in order to go deeper in the process: for both my pregnancies, at times of life changes…  Sophrology has allowed me to rebuild myself from the inside to live with more serenity and enjoy life without going into overload.   Since then, sophrology has always been essential to my life, both personal and professional.  I would not be who I am today without it and I probably would not have had the strength to accomplish what I have accomplished.  Today, sophrology keeps illuminating my inner path, giving me peace and resilience, the strength to be myself and to be and do what is right for me, to follow my own rhythm and live according to my values, the ability to find solutions from within.

Sophrology is for me a way to connect inside, to listen in deeply, to live in awareness.  It is also the ability to find peace in the middle of chaos and to grow my inner strength to weather through both inner and outer storms.  A true inner journey.  And this is what I want to share with you!

If you too want to:

  • Find simple solutions for a more serene, balanced and meaningful life,
  • Live more serene and harmonious days,
  • Connect inside to your true inner wisdom and peace,
  • Refocus, align and recharge,
  • Stop running like a headless chicken and find your own tempo,
  • Be truly yourself,
  • Grow your inner strength and resources,
  • Take better care of yourself, live life more fully.

Then come and join me in My Serenity Bubble!

The programme:

5 months per year (February, April, June, September, November), I will guide 4 sessions a month, each month on a different theme, using sophrology tools and practices, advanced tools to help in your inner discovery.

The sessions are online via Zoom and can then be viewed in replay for as long as you are a subscriber (one month or one year!). You can subscribe for a month or a year.  The year-long programme allows you to undertake a deeper journey.  The monthly programme allows you to focus on one theme you are interested in.

This programme is more particularly for those who have already experienced some sophrology or other personal development techniques and it is particularly interesting for sophrologists.  If you are interested and have never practised sophrology before, do get in touch.  We could either recommend a sophrologist near you or you could sign up for our new beginners’ programme later this year (coming last term of 2022).

“One month one theme” programme: 140 € 
Fully one-year programme: 600 € (you can pay in one go or in 6 instalments)

Coming themes:

  • June 2022: Finding inner peace in the midst of chaos
  • September 2022: Know yourself and follow your own rhythm
  • November 2022: Reconnect to your inner joy
  • February 2023: Know how to make the decisions that are right for you
  • April 2023: Develop your inner strength

We are no longer taking subscribers for this programme.
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Who am I?

Florence Parot
Sophrologist-Consultant in burnout and hyperstress management
Sophrology teacher
Founder of La Bulle de Repos and The Sophrology Academy

“The important point of spiritual practice is not to try to escape your life, but to face it – exactly and completely.” Zen Master Dainan Katagiri

“Every conversation I had seemed to eventually come around to the same dilemma we are all facing: the stress of over-busyness, overworking, overconnecting on social media and underconnecting with ourselves and with one another.  The space, the gaps, the pauses, the silence – those things that allow us to regenerate and recharge – had all but disappeared in my own life and in the lives of so many I know.” Ariana Huffington

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