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From overwhelm to everyday serenity:

A stronger, more resilient you

Have you been overwhelmed, exhausted and overworked for too long, with just too much going on in every direction?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Constant exhaustion with sleep not bringing any relief.
  • Feeling it is impossible to function normally on an everyday basis.
  • Anxiety, aches and pains.
  • Memory and emotions all over the place.
  • Sleep and rest that are not refreshing.
  • Complete overwhelm.

What is burnout?

Burnout is a long-term extreme physical, mental and emotional fatigue caused by excessive and prolonged overload. It is not “in your head”, your adrenals are exhausted and therefore the problem starts in your body and affects you on all fronts.

There is a “before” and an “after”, you go into burnout suddenly but it takes years to get there.  Most people collapse abruptly. 

Too much work, too much stress, too much pressure…  One day, your body switches the “off” button.  In most cases, you collapse in a heap on the floor or find you are physically unable to get up in the morning. From one moment to the next, everything changes.

From then on, like an empty phone battery, you cannot get started again without recharging.  You find yourself unable to work, unable to perform even the simplest task, constantly exhausted.   Unfortunately, unlike a mobile phone, the human body needs more than a few hours to recharge.  It usually takes several months, 6 to 12 in most cases, before being able to go back to “normal” life.  Your body is depleted, your adrenals are unable to function properly, you have reached complete body-mind exhaustion.

“Burnout is “Radical Healing”, a forced improvement of self. Burnout feels like the end of the world.  It is not.   It is the beginning of a new one.” Dina Glouberman: The Joy of burnout


If you feel you are in burnout, we can help. We have created a 5-month programme to lead you gently from burnout to everyday serenity creating a stronger, more resilient you.

Our programme will give you practical tools and easy-to-apply strategies as well as personalised support to recover and:

  • Sleep better, a deep, truly restorative rest that allows you to replenish energy,
  • Get rid of anxiety and pain,
  • Increase and then manage better your energy levels so that they can stabilize for the long term,
  • Feel stronger, more resilient,
  • Deal better with stressful situations and pressure,
  • Be able to take care of your loved ones with energy and pleasure,
  • Be able to do what you love again,
  • Go back to work/your usual activities with energy and peace of mind,
  • Feel yourself again.

This programme is for you if you:

  • Have been in burnout, adrenal fatigue or long Covid for some time with no real improvement.
  • Went through burnout or adrenal fatigue in the past, maybe even years ago but do not feel completely recovered. There is still « something » not quite right or reappearing from time to time : moments of intense fatigue, mind fog, anxiety or aches and pains coming back, etc.
  • Want to get out of a lasting state of fatigue, stress or anxiety due to the crisis the world is going through.
  • Feel overwhelmed by life in general and at your wits end as to how to deal with daily life.

Florence and Marina who are leading this programme have both experienced burnout and emerged at the other end stronger and more resilient, ready to live life to the full again.  They both had to put in place their own wellness programmes to be able to recover completely and it ended up changing their lives.  They both know how hard it is not to know what to do about it or who to ask for help and they are very happy to be guiding you every step of the way through this programme.

For the 5-month programme, you pay 1,975 € (you can pay in one go or in 5 instalments of 395 €).

Special offer up to April 30th at 7 pm Uk time: 1,250 € instead of 1,975 € (in one go or 5 x 250 €). Use discount code MAY22 at checkout.

Our next programme starts on 16th May, sign up now!

If you want to see if this is right for you, if you have more questions, talk to Florence!

A step-by-step 5-month programme to move forward at your own pace that gives you access to:

One to ones

  • 1 initial consultation: a 60 to 90-minute one to one with Florence to understand your own personal history with burnout, assess where you are at, what you have put in place so far and what you need to do moving forward.
  • 1 individualised action plan: a bespoke plan suited to your energy levels, health and current lifestyle that gives you the keys and actions you need to put in place at a pace that suits you and advice on how to get there. 
  • 1 nutritional assessment + 1 follow-up session: a full assessment and follow-up from our nutritionist to help you boost your adrenals, replenish and stabilise your energy with the right foods and supplements.
  • 1 final individual consultation: towards the end of the 4th month of the programme, we look at how you are doing in details and assess how to fine-tune the end of the programme to help you reach your goals and how to maintain your balance after the programme.

 Small group sessions, each month:

  • 2 sophro-coaching sessions: sophrology exercises (simple meditative and mindful techniques, easy movements, breathing practices) and practical advice to better manage stress, sleep well again, manage pain and anxiety and rebuild for the future.
  • 1 burnout and stress relief yoga session: calm, all-level class that incorporates gentle movement and breathwork for more peace and relaxation.
  • 1 group « sharing » session: connection and conversations with the whole group, you can share your questions, anxieties and difficulties, get specific support from the whole group and the team and learn from others.
    = a total of 20 group sessions. Sophrology and yoga are recorded so that you can have access to them during the whole programme if you cannot attend live.  It also means you can use them as often as you need them.

Online resources

Online, on our private platform, you will find practical content for each month, given you a structured path to follow at your own pace to work more particularly on managing pain, sleep, stress, building your energy up, knowing how to organise your day for better energy maintenance, etc

You benefit from both individual attention, bespoke advice and recommendations specific to you as well as group connection and conversations, feeling supported and learning from others.  Our programme is a space to feel held and safe as we help you navigate the difficulties and the time it takes to heal at your own pace.

Our programme lasts for 5 months to give you time to recharge and find your own pace of life.  If you have been in burnout for only a few weeks, we suggest you first take a month or two of total rest before starting this programme.  Our approach is personalised so we may advise you work with us for up to 10 months for better results, especially if you have been in burnout for only a couple of months.  If you have already moved forward on your path of recovery in some way, 5 months is often the best timing to go deeper, consolidate your strength and rebuild for the future. Individual consultations will enable us to advise you on the subject.

For the 5-month programme, you pay 1,975 € (you can pay in one go or in 5 instalments of 395 €).

Special offer up to April 30th at 7 pm Uk time: 1,250 € instead of 1,975 € (in one go or 5 x 250 €). Use discount code MAY22 at checkout.

Our experts for this programme

Florence Parot
Sophrologist-consultant/coach in hyper-stress and burnout management
Sophrology teacher
Founder of La Bulle de Repos in Creuse and The Sophrology Academy in Kent

  Marina Chéné
Yoga teacher
Coach specialised in burnout
Yoga classes in person in Amsterdam and online

Nutritional assessments are conducted by our of our nutritionists.

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