A centre at the heart of Creuse

La Bulle de Repos has established its center in Creuse, an ideal spot, far from the noise of the city, in unspoilt nature, with calm, pure air and silence.

Florence, sophrologist and retreat leader is originally from Creuse and she has chosen to establish the centre there, as an ideal spot for peace and rest.

A place where you can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to better reconnect with yourself.

A place where you can go back to basics, a sanctuary. A place to rest, recover, rebuild.



If you are lucky enough to live near us (near Evaux-les-Bains or Boussac), we will receive you for individual or group sophrology sessions at Boussac.


If you choose to participate at one of our local or retreat programmes, you will find everything you need on site: hotel, restaurant, spa, thermal swimming-pool, in the peaceful surrounding of a natural park and with gentle walks in the countryside available all around. The town itself is nearby and you can use the spa shuttle to go there.

Les Thermes d’Evaux-les-bains welcomes the Bulle team on their premises and we look after you to create the best programme for you: nice additions to your Bulle programme can include underwater massaging baths, seaweed wraps, dry flotation bed… Evaux thermal water is among other things rich in lithium which is particularly recommended for stress management.

If you are coming by train, you can arrive at Montluçon station and get a connecting coach to Evaux.

La Serre-Bussière-Vieille

We are converting two barns at La Serre-Bussière-Vieille to create accommodation, spa and clinic to host all our programmes on one location, on an amazing site, in the middle of lush countryside, in a secluded area in a real “quiet zone” (no mobile phone signal or Wifi etc). 

We are looking forward to welcoming you there when the works are finished but, in the meantime you are more than welcome at Evaux where all our team will look after you. And if you do some meditative walks with us when you come over, who knows, you may be lucky enough to come with us to this lovely spot for a preview! Or you could even discover another amazing landscape in the area. Our gorgeous countryside is perfect for walks and contemplation.

What’s with the bubbles?

La Bulle de Repos means The Bubble of Rest. People have told us that just hearing the name makes them feel better! We are delighted to hear it but the name is just a start! Wait till you try our programmes!

So yes, we are a bit “bubble-mad”, have you noticed? It all started years ago, when Florence created a Sophrology exercise with bubbles. Basically, it is about imagining that each time you breathe out, you breathe out dark bubbles. And each time you breathe in, you imagine you are breathing in golden bubbles. A little bit of body spring cleaning, fun-style! It has become her signature exercise and we will make sure you try it out when you come and visit.
A bubble is also a place where you can get away from the world for a while and feel safe and in peace and quiet. A space of freedom and rest. In French “to bulle” even means to do nothing and rest.
So we felt this illustrated very well what we are trying to do here: a bit more light, lightness, comfort and peace….
What do you say?

Sophrology practice

Discover our guide and the Florence Parot’s sophrology “Bubble” practice. 

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