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Florence Parot - sophrologueWho are we?

Florence Parot, FEPS (Federation of Professional Schools of Sophrology) sophrologist, Founding Director of The Sophrology Academy, first school of sophrology in the UK, is our retreat leader.

She has been helping people in burnout or extreme stress in France and England for more than 10 years and has dreamed about a centre for burnout prevention and management for a very long time.  Originally from Creuse, she has chosen to establish the centre there, finding it an ideal spot for peace and rest, far from the noise of the city, in unspoilt nature, with calm, pure air and silence.

Florence went into burnout more than 20 years ago.  It was a learning curve for her to understand how to be able to still have the buzzy life she wanted while also respecting her own limits.  She turned what started as understanding how to cope into an art form, a lifestyle and a career.  Today she is able to live the life she wants and remain in balance even when life is throwing things at her right, left and centre and this is what she wants to share at La Bulle de Repos.

She works together with a team of experts who are adept at helping you avoid burnout or rebuild from it: psychotherapist, naturopath, coach, acupuncturist, reflexologists, Reiki practitioners, massage therapists…


What does La bulle de Repos mean?

It means The Bubble of Rest.  People have told us that just hearing the name makes them feel better!  We are delighted to hear it but the name is just a start!  Wait till you try our programmes!


What’s with the bubbles?

Yes, we are a bit “bubble-mad”, have you noticed?  It all started years ago, when Florence, our sophrologist and retreat leader, created a Sophrology exercise with bubbles.  Basically, it is about imagining that each time you breathe out, you breathe out dark bubbles.  And each time you breathe in, you imagine you are breathing in golden bubbles.   A little bit of body spring cleaning, fun-style!  It has become her signature exercise and we will make sure you try it out when you come and visit.

A bubble is also a place where you can get away from the world for a while and feel safe and in peace and quiet. A space of freedom and rest.

So we felt this illustrated very well what we are trying to do here: a bit more light, lightness, comfort and peace…. What do you say?

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