How about a more serene September?

How is September going for you?  Have you fully recharged during the summer?  And, if you have been able to take some time off, how does it feel to be back at work?

Research from Tel Aviv University showed that any sense of relaxation you might get from a holiday fades just 3 days after returning to work. Levels of stress and burnout return within a mere 3 weeks. And it is even quicker for those who can’t resist taking work mobiles and laptops with them.

So, how do you avoid losing the benefit of a holiday to start afresh with serenity?  First, this can be an opportunity to tweak your organization, to create more Zen-like routines for yourself. Check in first: close your eyes and answer honestly: how high is your level of energy this early September?  How are you truly feeling?  Are you working/living at a pace that feels right for you?  If the answer is yes, brilliant, keep going!  If it is no or not sure: grab pen and paper (yes, we are ditching the digital tools for this!) and make a list of everything you do daily and weekly.  On another piece of paper, write what you really need to feel great, what recharges you, helps you relax…. Those fundamental elements need to go first on your diary.  Then see what you can simply cancel, do some other way or delegate in what doesn’t feel right for you. Find your own rhythm that is sustainable in the long run without tiring yourself out.  For instance, some things you usually do weekly might be done fortnightly instead without the world collapsing around you. 

How about a sophro tip to help?  Take time to take a 2-minute break at least twice a day: sitting down, eyes closed, breathe out deeply, relax your shoulders and jaw.  Then focus on your breathing as it is or on your feet.  This will allow you to recharge more regularly and efficiently.

Want to take it one step further?

To find your own sophro routines and live a lighter life, read or reread my book The Sophrology Method, packed full of practices and exercises for stress management, better sleep, dealing with daily challenges…

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