From crisis to serenity

As our world is undergoing a major crisis, many people find it hard to cope with the stress, the fear, the anxiety, the difficulty of a sudden and unexpected change, the uncertainty and volatility of an “after” that does not have a date on it yet.

Not everyone goes through this crisis in the same way.
Whatever your situation, you may be facing, even if only from time to time, stress, fear of becoming ill, anger to be putting your family at risk if you are working with the sick, the anxiety of the unknown, whether physical, financial or other. This can lead in turn to sleeping issues, losing it with your family… in a word, we are suddenly on a major break as a civilisation but with a very high stress level generally. Those who are working long hours may be facing burnout but even if the others are in theory able to rest more, confinement and uncertainty can be enough to trigger considerable stress.

So what is to be done to stay focused and calm and find balance when life is throwing stuff at us left, right and centre?

Here are a few emergency sophro ideas:

  • Do not stay constantly connected to the news, whether on television, the internet or social media. Take real breaks, disconnect completely.  Even a one-minute break can make a difference, sit down, close your eyes and breathe.
  • Same thing if you have to work long hours or if there is too much to be done between working from home, children’s homework and the demands of an unusual organisation (how many trips to the supermarket until you find toilet paper?), look after yourself, take a break and breathe.
  • Find at least one thing to do every day that you like, that makes you feel good, pampered, even if it is super simple and does not take long.
  • Slow down, do things at a slower pace…. Learn to take your time. Or do nothing at all of a while!
  • If stress or anxiety peak, practice this quick technique: breathe in and gently contract all your muscles from head to toe then breathe out loudly and let go and relax. Do it 3 times and listen to how you are feeling.
  • This crisis is inviting us to connect inside, to our deepest core. Even if you have little time, do not forget to look after yourself, to listen to yourself. What about taking the opportunity to examine closely certain aspects of your life that you would like to change after the crisis… An opportunity to live differently, not anymore in a constant state of near-burnout and frenzy of doing, doing, doing…

If you need help to better live through this crisis, we have prepared for you an “emergency” package to help you find a new inner calm and serenity.
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