Florence Parot’s books

The Sophrology Method (2019), translated in French, Spanish, German, Dutch and Portuguese.

Sophrology is a transformative healthcare philosophy that is designed to help people achieve a calm, alert mind in a relaxed body. Inspired by Eastern philosophies and classical relaxation techniques, Sophrology will help you to become consciously, actively aware of yourself, how you feel, what you want and the environment around you.
Cited as ‘the new mindfulness’,Sophrology is a mind-body technique that uses a unique mixture of breathing and relaxation exercises, body awareness, visualization, gentle movement and meditation. It can be used by anyone, anywhere, at any time and has proven results.
Whether you want to improve your energy levels, focus your mind, build emotional resilience, manage stress and anxiety, achieve better sleep, boost your self-confidence or prepare for exams, interviews or public speaking, this book will teach you the tools and strategies you need to fulfil your unique potential.

Instant Serenity for Life and Work: An Introduction to Sophrology (2012)

This book is the very first book of sophrology ever written in English and Florence’s first book.  It is a simple introduction to the technique.  It presents several easy and practical tools and exercises that can be used straight away in daily life to find serenity in every moment, even if you do not have the time.