Energy Bubble Programme

Learn to manage your energy and personal performance

Learn to manage your energy and personal performance


This retreat is for you if you have a busy life and want to learn how to manage it all, operate at peak performance no matter what and keep a clear mind even when all around them is a whirlwind.

Learn the secrets of high achievers, how to meet challenges with greater serenity, remain in control of the situation and exceed your goals and ambitions while remaining sane, healthy and superbly efficient!

Whether you love being at full-speed or you are starting to feel the need to get away from overwhelm and fatigue and want some space to stop and recharge, with nobody on your back, no commitments, just peace and quiet… this will help. Or if you just want to take care of yourself, rest and learn how to better manage your stress, sleep, energy and time. You will discover specific practical methods and techniques to make it work better for you on your return and remain at the top of your game.

We can suggest several possibilities: retreats, sophrology workshops or one-to-one sessions

  • 5 day-retreats

We do not pack the day full or ask you to wake up early. We make sure you get plenty of time to rest, book more treatments or have extra time at the spa if you want to, explore the area and its amazing heritage or take walks. It is all about disconnecting…  So, our advice: leave the devices at home, pack the good books and come and relax!

What is included:

  • Pre-retreat questionnaires and 20 min consultation (skype or face to face) with Florence to prepare your tailor-made programme.
  • Daily workshops filled with practical tools and ideas: stress management, sleep and energy management, nutrition, yoga, meditation…
  • Daily Sophrology sessions/techniques
  • Treatments from massages, energising sea-weed wraps, shiatsu, Reiki, reflexology and so much more.
  • Several hours private access to the spa with brand-new jacuzzi, sauna and Hamman, an oasis of tranquillity.
  • Personalised follow-up programme after your stay.

“Workshops” are either individual sessions or in a very small group of 4 people maximum.
You can add even more a-la-carte treatments, following Florence’s recommendations on your initial consultation and/or according to what you feel like.

  • Personalised programmes / Sophrology Workshops

If you want to just take part in the sophrology workshops, please contact us for pricing.

  • One-to-one Sessions

If you would prefer sophrology one to one sessions or a completely tailor-made programme, please make an appointment with Florence at Lavaveix.


In your programme*


  • 5 Sophrology workshops

– Working less is more
– The science of rest
– Simplifying
– Slowing down
– Super-charged you

  • Yoga, meditation or meditative walk (depending on your needs, availability and season)
  • Naturopathy / nutrition
  • 2 treatments
  • Spa private access

* Your programme will be adapted to fit your needs.

Contact us for more information: or +33 (0)6 68 16 02 04