Self-Care: essential or non-essential?

I was discussing wellbeing recently with other business owners and I realised how much self-care was often not our top priority when organising our time.  Even for those among us with a job in caring for others in one way or another, taking care of ourselves was not necessarily happening.

We tend to think that we do not have the time, that we have more important things to do, that we need to take care of others first, that it would be indulgent… We have more important things to do than soak in a jacuzzi, right?  Well, maybe not…

Whatever our situation in life, the crisis we have all found ourselves in for the past 18 months has reminded us forcefully that taking care of ourselves is in fact imperative.  Today, the whole world is suffering from anxiety, insomnia or general unease one way or another.  Taking care of yourself first is essential to continue helping others properly whether in your private or professional life. 

If you are not sleeping well, feeling anxious, stressed, worn-out, how can you function properly every day, are you really at the best of your physical and mental capacity?  Aren’t your life, work going to suffer from it?

Mon own burnout taught me it is vital to put your own wellbeing, health, balance before everything else; otherwise, nothing much happens in the long term…  As I was enjoying an outdoor jacuzzi in the sun in one of my favourite countryside spas here in Creuse, my body and brain reminded me yet once more what I know but forget very quickly: my body needs a specific time and space to relax and recharge and my brain needs it to renew, calm down and renew the creativity that I need in my work.   For me, on top of sophrology, anything to do with water recharges me: jacuzzi, spa treatments… and this is where I get my best business ideas.

What about you?  Do you know what really recharges you deeply and makes a difference?

I would love for you to let me  know here and I will let you know the results of this short survey!

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