Self-Care: essential or non-essential?

I was discussing wellbeing recently with other business owners and I realised how much self-care was often not our top priority when organising our time.  Even for those among us with a job … Read more

Slowing down to go farther

Ralentir et savourer

It is easy at the moment to let anxiety take a hold on us, especially if we watch too much news, follow too many social media… Today, more than ever, it is essential … Read more

The pressure for a successful confinement

Réussir son confinement : la nouvelle pression sociale ?

A lot of people are commenting on social media about how they are feeling during the virus crisis we are going through at the moment. I was interested to read the other day … Read more

From crisis to serenity

De la crise à la sérénité

As our world is undergoing a major crisis, many people find it hard to cope with the stress, the fear, the anxiety, the difficulty of a sudden and unexpected change, the uncertainty and … Read more

A Stress-free day…

A Stress-free day…

Imagine if you could easily and painlessly transform a full day of work into a peaceful experience, without having to wait for a day off… How would you like that?  What would it … Read more

Burnout, what do you mean burnout?

Burnout, what do you mean burnout?

Often, when I mention that I am a burnout expert, people will ask: “Burnout, what do you mean exactly by burnout?  Is that when I feel a bit tired at the end of … Read more