Busy brain v. Clear mind

Have you noticed how when we are doing so much, rushing around, we make more mistakes? We may not notice it but when we do too much, our brain tires. We think our brain can function constantly at 100 % but it needs a variation of rhythm to be at its best. We talk about “brain fog”. I don’t know about you but for me, it definitely feels like there is more fog inside than neurons!

So what to do to avoid the hasty, unfocussed mistakes?

Take breaks

I have already given you a lot of ideas on this point previously. Even a one-minute break can make a big difference to a tired brain. So, just pause, close your eyes and breathe calmly for a minute. Or you can go outside for a short while and breathe deeply! Have a glass of water, or my favourite, a cup of tea. As a French person living in England, I have noticed how the Brits seem to solve everything with a cup of tea. Well, I’m all for it! A little break, warmth and quiet, a little chat if you are with someone, and off you go again!

Slow down

Try doing things at a slower pace instead of more quickly to get it all done. You will achieve more in the end because everything you do will be of better quality.

Delete: what can you take off your diary?

Sometimes it is just a question of looking at the planning and actually taking things off. It is easier than you think! Just ask yourself: what will happen if I do not do this or if I do not go there?

Learn to refocus

A nice Sophrology exercise to help focus. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and calmly. Then imagine a very simple object as if it were in front of you, something that does not carry any emotional weight for you or is not attached to a memory, just a simple, bland, “neutral” object. And examine it in your mind’s eye as if you were seeing it for the first time, as if with mild curiosity. Imagine its aspect, shape, colour, texture, weight, etc. Then, try to focus on it and only on it for a few seconds. When you have finished, let the idea of the object go, breathe out, rub your hands and open your eyes.

The next time you need focus, close your eyes, imagine your object again for a short moment and when you feel more focused, let it go and open your eyes. You will then be able to transfer that focus onto your work.

Take off

And what about switching off completely for a day or even half a day: go on a spa day or go for a walk in nature, forget about everything. This will create mental space, clarity and more serenity. It will allow your brain to recharge and be ready to go again later. Our better ideas come in those moments. We step back and look at the bigger picture.

Remember, it is when you have less time that you need to take some to do nothing, pause, rest to recharge and renew and be able afterwards to think afresh.

And if you need more advice, what don’t you book a session?

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