Become a Partner-Sophrologist

If you are a sophrologist, you can train with us to better work with clients in pre or post-burnout and become Partner-Sophrologists with La Bulle de Repos.

La Bulle de Repos is not only a centre for burnout prevention and management in Creuse, it is also a European network of sophrologists who have been specifically trained to better help clients in burnout, whether to look after the Bulle clients after a retreat with us or for anyone who needs to find an expert sophrologist near them.

Practical Information

For whom: Certified Sophrologists only.

Dates and places for 2020 sessions: 

  • 3-4-5 April: La Bulle de Repos*, in Boussac – in French.
  • 4-5-6 May, at l’ISR, Rennes – in French.
  • 12-13-14 June: La Bulle de Repos*, in Boussac – in French.
  • 25-26-27 September: La Bulle de Repos*, in Boussac – in French.
  • Coming soon The Sophrology Academy in London- in English.


  • Give sophrologists methods and tools to work with adults and young people in pre and post-burnout.
  • Understand the mechanics of burnout.
  • Give sophrologists the means to detect signs of pre-burnout in consultations.
  • Better equip sophrologists to answer a growing demand both in clinics and corporate environments.


  • Defining burnout
  • How do you get there?
  • Working with sophrology in the pre-burnout phase
  • Working with sophrology once burnout has started
  • Conclusion: redefining a way of life?

* If you would be interested in training in English in Creuse, please talk to us.

Contact us for more information: info@labullederepos.com or +33 (0)6 68 16 02 04