Anti-burn-out retreat – June 2021

Our retreats bring you back to basics: calm, pure air, silence, serenity. 15th to 19th June 2021

Our programme if over 3 full days (arriving on Tuyesday 16th June in the evening, going on Saturday 18th June morning).

It will be tailor-made by Florence after a consultation (phone or online) 2 weeks before the retreat and will therefore give you exactly what you need: naturopathy, coaching, massages, or other… depending on what you need.

We do not ask you to wake up early or pile on session, we want you to also have time to rest, take walks, admire the landscapes…

The most important aspect is to switch off so… leave your laptop, tablet or other electronic devices at home, switch off the phone, pack a good book and come and relax.

Enjoy the calm and serenity of the Creuse countryside.

Example of a 3-day programme

This programme will be adapted to your needs and can also adapt to your budget.

  • 3 sophrology sessions
  • A one-to-one naturopathy consultation
  • One-to-one coaching
  • An Ayurvedic massage
  • A head massage
  • A Reiki session
  • Initial consultation
  • Final consultation

Price: 660 € for the programme

Our team will work with you near Boussac at the amazing Field Retreat.
Accomodation and meals (vegetarian, organic, local and homemade) from Tuesday evening (dinner included) to Saturday morning = 360 €.

Individualised programme in a very small group: maximum 5 people.

Retraite anti-burn-out - juin 2021
Retraite anti-burn-out - juin 2021
Retraite anti-burn-out - juin 2021