Am I at risk?

When pressure builds up, stress is getting harder to keep under control and fatigue kicks in, it is time to take a break.

Burnout Barometer

Test your level of stress.

Our Anti-Burnout Secret: 3 free tools to get you started on the path to recovery.


If you think you may be in burnout or very near it, do not hesitate to test yourself with our Burnout Barometer, a questionnaire we have put together to help you assess how close you are to it.

To go further and understand which strategies to put in place or simply to know more about burnout, we are happy to give you free access to our “Anti-Burnout Secrets” pack that includes an anti-burnout guide and our signature “Bubble” sophrology practice to help you bring more calm and peace into your life.

Our Anti-burnout Secrets

Discover our anti-burnout guide and Florence Parot’s “Bubble” sophrology practice.

If you want to dig deeper, if you would like to be given personalised advice, if you want to understand what is happening to you, to know what to put in place to get out of overwhelm, to not go into burnout or to get out of it, make an appointment with Florence Parot for a personalised consultation.

Consultation - 120€

The consultation lasts one-hour maximum and it will allow you to understand what is happening to you, you will get out of it with an emergency strategy as well as a medium and long term one to feel better and live with more serenity and energy.

Together with Florence you will go through what you have already put in place and what still needs to be done to reach your goal and feel, live better. You then receive a recap by email with the specific actions, strategies, contacts and advice you need.

Consultations are in person in Boussac (Creuse) or via internet (Zoom) or by phone.

Price:120 €.

Contact us for more information : or +33 (0)6 68 16 02 04