La Bulle de Repos

From overwhelm to serenity

Programmes, retreats and events to learn how to rest, recharge and refocus.

Simple solutions to let go of overwhelm and find your inner calm and energy.

Burnout prevention/management programmes, self-development programmes and a school of sophrology.

Living everyday with more serenity
Find balance in life in a simpler, lighter way.

Recovering from Burnout
Tailor-made solutions to help you recover with serenity.

School of sophrology
Sophrology training


La Bulle offers regularly a variety of events: retreats, conferences, programmes…

Florence Parot created La Bulle de Repos.  She is also a sophrologist and consultant in hyperstress and burnout management, a sophrology teacher, founder of The Sophrology Academy and author.

Discover her bio and books.

What is La Bulle de Repos? Read here.